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The drinking water solution
for your community

The CD400 Advanced Drinking Water System

The CD400 takes water from any source and turns it into bottled-quality water. Imagine – clean, clear water that tastes great and is totally free of chlorine. Consumers can fill a 5-gallon cooler bottle in less than a minute simply by turning a handle. This incredible system can produce 1,000 gallons of crystal clear water a day at less than a penny per gallon – improving lives and transforming communities in the process.

  1. Installation

    The CD400 Advanced Drinking Water System has a footprint of '9ft 2" x 4ft 7" or 2.8 metres x 1.4 metres and a height of 6ft 7" or 2 metres. It can be installed in an existing building or can be provided housed into its own custom-built structure. The only necessary requirements are an electrical connection, drain and water supply line.

Easy to Operate

The system is fully automated and requires a minimal amount of supervision. On average, a town operator would spend less than 30 minutes a day with the system.

How can Fay help?

As well as providing a full installation service for the CD400, we're also on-hand 24-7 – both by phone and via remote connection – to answer any questions an operator may have. All our units are manufactured in St. John's and undergo rigorous testing before being shipped to customers.